Shenzhen RongHeng Group Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in intelligent transportation, intelligent city construction of state-level high-tech enterprises, the state general contracting a business. Registered capital of 300 million yuan, the Group headquarters in Shenzhen, China.

Group has the wisdom of Shenzhen City Pengcheng traffic control and simulation engineering center, Shenzhen Intelligent Transportation Research Institute Co., Ltd. and many other enterprises and distributed in the country's dozens of branches. Perseverance, perseverance; Rong Heng people continue to develop with independent intellectual property rights of intelligent transportation system products to China's modern intelligent traffic for the development direction, to promote the construction of urban road intelligent traffic and development. In the field of science and technology at home and abroad to get hundreds of various honors and awards witnessed Rongcheng strong technical strength and excellent historical performance.

The glorious achievements of the past, but the pioneering pioneering footprint, the future success of the pursuit, is the eternal goal, experienced 20 years honed, Rong Heng people have been adhering to the pioneering and innovative, hard work dedication, always adhere to the people-oriented, integrity The principle of founding, to absorb a large number of industry elite, cultivate a good management team, with a reliable professional and technical, profound cultural heritage, innovation and development, perfect, lead the city to build excellence; no rhetoric, only relentless pursuit, no shaking Feat, only silently stick, Rong Heng people, with passion and sweat, with youth and blood, writing loyalty, integrity compliance. Every time the accumulation, are for a more brilliant sublimation, every time starting, are in order to more distant takeoff, Rong Heng Group, will be more robust pace, to explore the forefront of science and technology, Standing in the forefront of the times, for the wisdom of China's urban transport construction of the future development, create greater glory!


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