Guanlan Industrial Road (Fuhua Road - Tourism Road) Municipal Engineering

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Article source: Shenzhen RONGHENG Industry Group Co., Ltd.

By the Shenzhen Rongheng Industrial Group Co., Ltd. to build the Guanlan Industrial all the way (Fuk Road - sightseeing road) Municipal Engineering is located in the Mission Hills Street West Area, for the city I-level main road, was north-south direction, from the end of Fuk Road to sightseeing road, Length of 917.287m, design driving speed 50Km / h, two-way six-lane, road red line width 50m; construction construction, including road, geotechnical, water supply and drainage, communication, structure, electricity and lighting, gas, green, traffic and monitoring professional.
Project cost more than 60 million yuan.
The total duration of the project is 365 calendar days, which commenced on October 8, 2014 and completed on October 7, 2015.

The project won the first half of the year in 2012, Shenzhen City, the construction of safe production of civilized construction site award; 2015 Guangdong Province, AA grade safe and civilized standard site, 2015 Guangdong Province, the municipal housing construction safety demonstration of civilized construction demonstration site.


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