Urban Traffic Route Induction System

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Urban Traffic Route Induction System

Published: 2016-1-26 9:04:53

The trunk traffic guidance system is an application system used by the transportation department to realize the optimization of traffic flow, avoid traffic congestion, provide reliable and fast traffic information service for citizen's travel, and effectively manage modern transportation.

It can realize the dynamic distribution of urban traffic information in real time. The city traffic information includes weather information, illegal information and road running status information, as well as the display of information such as real time, travel time and travel time forecasting, which can be accurate, fast and instantaneous Traffic participants, to provide a wealth of traffic status information, and pointed out the best route to reduce the traffic caused by the blind traffic congestion occurs, to achieve the smooth flow of urban transport network and efficient operation of the purpose of optimization. This system is composed of front-end information display system, control system, induction information generation system, induction information release system, information data acquisition system and communication network. Data information can be transmitted through cable or wireless network in command center and Front-end display system for data exchange.

System Features:    

● real-time access to artificial events, illegal information, travel time information data displayed to the induction screen;
● support wired, wireless network;
● support the main control center, sub-control center, display equipment, on-site control three control mode;
● Support manual intervention to correct the test data (violation information, travel time information);
● support the release of text, graphics programs;

Through the remote control of all the display display information set up and management, and equipment status monitoring and management.

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