High - definition electronic police system management platform

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High - definition electronic police system management platform

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The high-definition electronic police system management platform integrates all the business involved in traffic law enforcement management to form an integrated business management platform covering all aspects of traffic management. The platform can realize information exchange and sharing, rapid response and unified command and dispatch; Based on JAVA technology to build. Only with open standards and technology, can achieve cross-platform deployment, with high scalability and compatibility; the same time the system uses B / S application, based on modular development, design and deployment, through the configuration file configuration load the appropriate module , Easy to expand and maintain the system; based on the message engine (JMS) fast access to third-party subsystem, JMS deployed in the application server, conducive to maintenance and expansion.

High - definition electronic police system management platform system function

(1), illegal data processing - the function module can handle a variety of illegal data, including the red light, yellow line and other police police illegal records, and bayonet records in the alarm records (local illegal library records, control vehicles, speeding Alarm, etc.).
(2), illegal data audit - the module to achieve through the illegal data processing filter the illegal record of the audit function. You can display pictures, capturing information, and vehicle information when auditing. You can view, edit the record information, artificial correction.
(3), illegal data bulletin - illegal data after review, the module to be promulgated notice of the data of the illegal notice function. Can be based on the operator and the date of operation to check the illegal record of the query, to view the details of each record and pictures, to batch update search
The status of all records, the status of the record after the record into the next process. Can export, print the notice of the illegal information table, the table includes the license plate number type, body color, illegal time, illegal location and illegal code and other information.
(4), illegal data review - in the illegal processing, review, announcement process to delete illegal records, through this feature can be restored to the corresponding process.
(5), illegal data entry - the function module is mainly for the scene to capture the illegal records, to provide the appropriate manual input function. Enter the information should include: illegal time, illegal location, driving direction, qualified to capture pictures and so on. After the entry is successful, the record enters the illegal data processing flow.
(6), the system features - the bayonet-type electronic police system blacklisted cloth management, the police traffic vehicle data (including pictures) collection, bayonet electronic police system alarm data (including pictures) Acquisition, the red light illegal data (including pictures) collection, the electronic police equipment status data collection, illegal data query statistical functions, the alarm traffic data collection, equipment failure alarm display function.


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