Intelligent Device Information Management System

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Intelligent Device Information Management System

Published: 2016-1-26 9:04:53

In the intelligent device information management system, you can manage many hardware and equipment information of the Rongheng Group, including the intersection of the host box, the electronic police station host, the red light detector, the direction of the host chassis, shield, flash, switches, etc. In addition to In addition, the system built-in role management, information maintenance, repair and maintenance of single-module module management functions, the role, record maintenance, task management organically together. The project is divided into two, one is running on the computer WEB System, the other is running on the phone APP, APP in addition to the function of the WEB side also provides two-dimensional code scanning and GPS positioning function to facilitate real-time construction site real-time data exchange, greatly improving the construction efficiency The

SSH-based three-tier distributed architecture interface, the system is simple to use JSON lightweight data format interactive support cache operation and custom cache strategy portability is good, real-time support for cross-platform operation, fast.

Personal Center: The main functions include creating and submitting a repair order, assigning the responsibility of the task, pending task processing, and historical task inquiries.

Device management: In the device management module, in addition to the management of seven kinds of basic equipment (junction host box, red light detector, direction host chassis, shield, flash, switch), the device map function is added, Maintenance of latitude and longitude information.

System settings: The module contains two blocks of user management and role management. In general, the system administrator can use the user management function to freely add and delete users, and the user's role assignment and permissions control is completed in the role of management The two functions cooperate with each other to form role-based access control.


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